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Travel Tips For A Honeymoon in Paris: The Icons of Paris

By Jeff Game

In the final piece of my three-part series; travel with me and my new bride to one of the most romantic and iconic cities in the world, as we rent an apartment in the Marais for ten days and serve up some travel tips for a honeymoon in Paris.Travel Tips


Hey, I’m Getting Romantic Here, I’m Getting Romantic Here

Not to start out all sappy and chick-flick-like, but I really never cared if my wife and I went to an island in the middle of nowhere, with lapping waves and a cabana boy named Coco or got a room at a motel in Bakersfield, as long as we made it romantic, it would not matter where we spent our honeymoon. Ok, Bakersfield may not be the answer, but you get my romantic point. Continue reading