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Come on Get and a Get Happy Commute With Ford

By Jeff Game

Everyone loves a happy commute. When you live in Los Angeles, living in your car and logging major hours in traffic every day is just part of your life, sort of like that unwelcome relative that has been crashing on your couch for a month. Since the Jetson’s flying car is not on the market yet, finding anyway to make a daily commute easier, less stressful and maybe a little fun in L.A. or any place U.S.A. is really important to a better quality of life.

Get Happy Commute With Ford

Last weekend I was invited by the great people at the Ford Motor Company to spend a weekend in a new Ford Fiesta and see if I could experience a “happy commute”, test-driving the car around Rancho Palos Verdes and staying a couple nights the amazing Terranea Resort. Of course staying at the resort is a huge plus, however I was actually intrigued about the Ford Fiesta. Since I travel a lot for my job, I see a lot of rental cars, so I wanted to see how this car stacked up amongst similar cars on the road.Get Happy Commute With Ford





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