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The Great Outdoors in Chicago

By Jeff Game

Howells.Hood 2

Summertime in the Midwest marks end of the never-ending snowmageddon winter that was 2015, the Cubs still have a shot at the World Series, and Chicagoans can finally come out of hibernation and find their favorite outdoor hot spots to dine in the great outdoors in Chicago.

Chicago feels like it is the vibrant capitol of the Midwest, and I love exploring the city and making new discoveries along the way. After all the years I have been traveling to Chi-Town, I still get the feel like Chicago is a big city with a small-town feel.

One great way to discover the neighborhoods of Chicago and the various rhythms that are the pulse of the city is to check out some of the places to have a meal, sip some cocktails and get in some serious people watching. Check some of my favorite places to dine in the alfresco in Chicago.

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