Jeff Game

Catching the Wave of SUP Yoga in Los Angeles

By Jeff Game

SUP Yoga in Los Angeles

Brand New Day

When I was asked to check out a demo class with other journalists on SUP Yoga in Los Angeles last week with the designer of the Indo Yoga Board, Hunter Joslin, I surprised myself by jumping at the chance to try this new form of yoga that is creeping its way into fitness centers throughout Los Angles.

Challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone is not always one of my strongest qualities, however when I get out of my own skin and try something new, I usually wonder what I was whining about in the first place. At the same time I love discovering new and cool things to do in L.A., even if it involves working out. I must be evolving?!

Let’s just say I am not the strongest yoga player on the team and I have taken only a handful of classes in my life. However, I do regularly workout to a yoga video with my wife on our Amazon Prime with Bob Harper from America’s Biggest Loser fame. The workouts videos are fast and decently easy to do for this aging dude who was once upon a time an average athlete.

SUP Yoga in Los Angeles

History of the Indo Yoga Board

Walking into the very hidden and warm studio in West Hollywood I was not sure what to expect, however when Joslin greeted me as he unloaded the Indo Yoga Boards off his truck for the class, I then felt pretty at ease in attempting the class. Joslin has a laid back Southern California personality and is warm and welcoming. Moreover, Joslin beams when he talks about his creation and the impact it is making on the yoga industry. The designer puts the challenge of the board in this perspective and tells me, “It’s like a yoga mat, but this one just moves.”

I could go on about how long the board has been in existence or how to use the board, however I would be way out of my league, so I will let the experts fill you in and show you the experience with the Indo Yoga Board.

Crunch Time

On such a hot day in WeHo, I was already sweating before the class even began, which is what I was hoping to accomplish and more to come during SUP Yoga. Our instructor for the day, Michelle, was very inviting and gave some great insights to the benefits of SUP yoga compared to traditional classes. The surprising thing for me personally, the board made some positions a little harder and some actually easier for me. Using the board made it fun and challenging – which could attract more men to SUP yoga – maybe make this a contact a contact sport – maybe be the greatest new sport since quidditch.

Ok, so I may have gone a tad overboard (sorry, had to) but the class itself was challenging and fun and I could really see more studios around the country pick this up and create more classes. This video is great to show how even on the rainiest of days, you can always grab your board, hit the floor and get a great work out in the friendly confines of your own living room.

What About Bob

After a hard and very sweaty class, I thought I may have been I was transported to my own friendly confines of my living room. As I was saying my goodbyes to Hunter Joslin, thanking him for the great demo and I realized what West Hollywood gym we were in and who was sitting watching our small class; Bob Harper himself was checking out the tail end of our class and I believe getting ready for his own class, in his own gym no less. My yoga experience comes full cycle with Bob.SUP Yoga in Los Angeles


After School Snack

West Hollywood is loaded with so many places to grab a meal after a grueling workout and you can either put those calories you just burned right back on at a not-so-healthy place or be good and opt for more of the healthy side of lunch. Bob inspired me to go healthy and with recommendation from a local owner of Rudechix Clothing and my longtime friend, Sherry Mattson, I grabbed a bite at the Urth Café on Melrose and everything was very good.

Go to to find a SUP Yoga class in your neck of the woods.

Chillax Music

Here is my list of good yoga music.

Brand New Day – Sting

  • Blue Wave – Blue Wave
  • In the Waiting – Zero 7
  • Love and Other Versus – Iron and Wine
  • Waves of Love – Miraflores