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Besides writing and traveling, one of my favorite aspects of my job as a travel writer is to research my next trip, find an awesome place I have never even heard of in the world or discover a great place I have never eaten at in my own neck of the woods. Much of the research I do for my job does not always make it into my published articles, so that’s where my blog The Traveling Game comes in, to give cool readers like you some behind the scenes action and insights.

Let’s do some blogging:

Off the Beaten Path: My favorite discoveries and hidden gems.

B-Roll: Gives a peek behind the curtain of my interviews, research and all the stuff left on my editors’ cutting room floor.

In the Life of a Travel Writer: Look through the lens of my life to discover what I see as a writer.


By Jeff Game

Wine tasting on a plantation, a legendary jazz cave and a burgeoning restaurant scene on the East Coast – Nashville is becoming one of the coolest cities in America. Spend a music-filled, bourbon soaked and biscuit loving weekend and experience how deep the cool runs in the Music City.

By Jeff Game

Ride in the steps of the Cisco Kid, gaze into the rings of Saturn and catch some great music at an institution of Rock-n-Roll, as I spend 24 hours in the California Desert.


The restlessness stirs inside and the feeling of roaming in wide-open spaces is overwhelming – […]

By Jeff Game

Summertime in the Midwest marks end of the never-ending snowmageddon winter that was 2015, the Cubs still have a shot at the World Series, and Chicagoans can finally come out of hibernation and find their favorite outdoor hot spots to dine in the great outdoors in Chicago.

Chicago feels like […]

By Jeff Game

Want to experience a Christmas like you have never Christmased before Charlie Brown? Check out my Ultimate Christmas Guide to Stockholm video blog.

Sex Tourism Around the World and the World Cup

By Jeff Game   6/4/2014

A businessman is traveling for work far from his family, as he walks to a business meeting he is offered a “good time” by another man. The businessman laughs, and says he is not interested in a hooker. The man offering the girl tells him that this could be beyond […]