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Honeymoon in Paris: Baguette’s, Walks in the Rain and Jim Morrison

By Jeff GameHoneymoon in Paris

Travel to Paris with myself, and my new bride in a three part series of articles on one of the most romantic cities in the world, as we honeymoon in Paris.

Honeymoon in Paris


Renting an Apartment

You descend the one flight of the creaky, wooden staircase, past the clanging bottles of the bar below and out into damp streets to walk a block for a jambon et fromage (ham & cheese sandwich) for breakfast. The smells of roasted coffee, freshly baked croissants and the morning rain dominate the air. All around you hear the hustle and bustle of a typical Parisian morning and languages that are foreign to your tongue. Renting an apartment in Paris on a vacation is a great way to submerse yourself into the culture and discover another world off the beaten path of Paris.

Honeymoon in Paris


My wife and I like to say, do things in a different way, and that included taking our honeymoon a couple weeks before our actual wedding. Either way, we still had an amazing honeymoon in Paris and what cooler way to do that than to rent a cozy apartment in Paris.



Sweet Home Paris

One aspect of traveling I love most is to experience a whole new culture than the one I am used to on a daily basis. One great way to really get know another city or country is to live as the locals live, shop in the neighborhood market, pick some fruit from the corner fruit stand or grab a bottle of vino from a nearby wine merchant.

Honeymoon in ParisHoneymoon in Paris



With so many apartments and neighborhoods to choose from, it may be hard to decide where is the best place to put down some vacation roots for the week –VRBO rentals has a ton of great apartments, whether renting in Paris or any other part of the world.





One of the oldest of the oldest and most ethnically diverse parts of Paris is the Le Marais or the 4th District of the city. Not only is this section of town home to the largest Jewish population, it also boasts an ever growing Paris gay community.

Honeymoon in Paris

The 4th District is full of lively street bistros, cafés and unique shops and is known for having a lot of character. Therefore, for us it was a perfect way to spend our honeymoon in Paris.


Honeymoon in Paris

Love Street

What other way would a romantic stay in Paris be complete, than to have a little rain on the day we arrived. Our landlord for the week Lucas, was soaking wet as he got off his motorcycle to collect our rent and had some great insights to the city and even the street we were going to call home for the next ten days.

Honeymoon in Paris

Honeymoon in Paris

After giving us some of his favorite places to eat, Lucas went to tell us that our apartment was located across the street from the very apartment that Jim Morrison of The Doors died in his bathtub and that the restaurant right below us was his favorite place to frequent on the street. A little piece of rock-n-roll and Paris history in our own Parisian backyard and we may have never experienced this without choosing to live amongst the locals or in this case, like total rock stars. Ok, maybe not, but it is pretty cool to live on Rue Beautreillis.

Honeymoon in Paris








Eat, Drink, Paris

Being in Paris for ten days, there is a lot to take in and of course a lot to intake inside your belly. After traveling to so many great culinary places in the world, it is truly amazing to finally bow at the altar of gastronomy in the world and the capitol of fine cooking – if you do it up right, you can never have a bad meal in Paris and we certainly did not the entire honeymoon in Paris.

Honeymoon in Paris

Living in a great neighborhood like the 4th District, you are truly surrounded by amazing and intimate bistros and quaint cafes to grab a cocktail and watch the street go by, and when it is raining in Paris while sipping French champagne, that makes it even more the sexier.

Honeymoon in Paris







Besides grabbing a croissant or baguette sandwich for our breakfast in the morning from the local bakery, we loved eating and drinking at the local bars and bistros. One of our more romantic nights was dinner at home, thanks to the local chicken rotisserie, two blocks from our apartment.
Honeymoon in Paris

The owners have changed a couple times since Jim Morrison’s death in 1971, however you can really feel why the poetic rock star could have chosen such a great place to hang out and dine. Every morning at the Le Din Don En Laisse, we awoke to the many wine bottles being recycled from the night before outside of our window. It was even more fitting after eating and drinking for a while that we were given a bottle of hooch after being asked to move to a smaller table to accommodate a larger party coming in to the bistro. Great meal, great atmosphere and  the kind hospitality you really hope for in Paris.

By far the best meal we had and for our money the best bistro in all of Paris was literally across the street from our apartment at the Vins Des Pyrenees and we went back for sloppy seconds. We ate there twice people and I had the exact same sublime meal of roasted duck breast with the owners serving us who barley spoke English, ensuring that the meal would be very awesome and it was…twice!

Honeymoon in Paris

French Music of Love

Paris is a great city for music and at it can remind you of romance and sexy tunes. Here are my top five Paris playlist.

From the French band Phoenix -Liztomania

  • Little French Song – Carla Bruni
  • Le Fee –Zaz
  • Le Temps de l’amour – Francois Hardy
  • Love Street – The Doors

Honeymoon in Paris





French Bistro Paradise

  •  Vins Des Pyrenees 25, rue Beaurtreillis, Paris
  • Le Dindon En Laisse 18, rue Beaurtreillis, Paris