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The Great Outdoors in Chicago

By Jeff Game

Howells.Hood 2

Summertime in the Midwest marks end of the never-ending snowmageddon winter that was 2015, the Cubs still have a shot at the World Series, and Chicagoans can finally come out of hibernation and find their favorite outdoor hot spots to dine in the great outdoors in Chicago.

Chicago feels like it is the vibrant capitol of the Midwest, and I love exploring the city and making new discoveries along the way. After all the years I have been traveling to Chi-Town, I still get the feel like Chicago is a big city with a small-town feel.

One great way to discover the neighborhoods of Chicago and the various rhythms that are the pulse of the city is to check out some of the places to have a meal, sip some cocktails and get in some serious people watching. Check some of my favorite places to dine in the alfresco in Chicago.

Godfrey Hotel – I/O Godfrey Rooftop Lounge

Panoramic views of the city is the best thing on tap at the Godfrey Rooftop Lounge with awesome views of the Chicago skyline, located on the fourth floor of the Godfrey Hotel, right along the River North part of town. Whether sitting indoors under the retractable roof on a rainy spring day or outdoors in the bright Chicago sunshine, this rooftop lounge is a great way to take in the city.

Great Outdoors in Chicago

The Chicago skyline at the Godfrey








Wrigley Field – Ivy League Baseball Club

Great Outdoors in Chicago

The friendly confines of Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field is already an icon on the Chicago landscape, and a must visit for baseball and non-baseball fans. Sitting high atop the Chicago field of dreams is fast becoming one of the hottest tickets in the Windy City, regardless of the Cubs standing. The Ivy League Baseball Club is an awesome way to see the city and check out the Cubbies in action. Wrigley is already one of my favorite cathedrals of baseball stadiums to catch a game, throw back a couple of cold, cold Old Style beers and now rooftop seating has elevated watching a Cubs game to a whole new level of fandemonium.

Tête– Art of Charcuterie

Nothing says Chicago n the summer more than sitting outdoors, eating massive amounts of finely cured meats, cheeses and pates, all the while sipping on hand-crafted cocktails, as the city seems to slow down for a couple of hours. Tête is a relaxing, vibey charcuterie experience experts, bringing traditions of France to the local community of Chicago.

Great Outdoors in Chicago

Fine art of charcuterie at Tête










Howell’s & Hood – Outdoors on Michigan Ave.

Great Outdoors in Chicago

Howell & Hoods on Michigan Ave.

The famed neo-gothic designed Tribune building is a landmark on the Chicago skyline, which is also home to one of the city’s libations hot spots. With 114 rotating beers on tap and boasting one of the coolest seating areas on Michigan Ave, Howell’s & Hood is one my favorite joints to meet up with friends for the night.



Tanta Cocina Peruana – Peruvian Food With A View

From the brainchild of Chef Gaston Acurio, Tanta is a Peruvian food escape in the heart of the city, and the view atop the rooftop lounge that will help you breath in this Midwestern metropolis. The mixologists at Tanta will blow your mind with their Peruvian-inspired liquid works of art. Relaxing at Tanta feels as you are taking an insta-vacation, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city.

Great Outdoors in Chicago

Tanta Cocina Peruana







My mixed tape cover 2

My Mixed Tape – Chicago

Chicago is one of the great Americana city’s for music, and here is my Windy City, hometown heroes playlist.


Foo Fighters – Congregation

Great outdoors in Chicago


Cheap Trick – Dream Police



Great outdoors in Chicago


Muddy Waters – Get Your MoJo Running



Great outdoors in Chicago


Wilco – Heavy Metal Drummer



Great outdoors in Chicago


Staple Singers – I’ll Take You There




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