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Travel Tips For A Honeymoon in Paris: The Icons of Paris

By Jeff Game

In the final piece of my three-part series; travel with me and my new bride to one of the most romantic and iconic cities in the world, as we rent an apartment in the Marais for ten days and serve up some travel tips for a honeymoon in Paris.Travel Tips


Hey, I’m Getting Romantic Here, I’m Getting Romantic Here

Not to start out all sappy and chick-flick-like, but I really never cared if my wife and I went to an island in the middle of nowhere, with lapping waves and a cabana boy named Coco or got a room at a motel in Bakersfield, as long as we made it romantic, it would not matter where we spent our honeymoon. Ok, Bakersfield may not be the answer, but you get my romantic point. Continue reading

Catching the Wave of SUP Yoga in Los Angeles

By Jeff Game

SUP Yoga in Los Angeles

Brand New Day

When I was asked to check out a demo class with other journalists on SUP Yoga in Los Angeles last week with the designer of the Indo Yoga Board, Hunter Joslin, I surprised myself by jumping at the chance to try this new form of yoga that is creeping its way into fitness centers throughout Los Angles.

Challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone is not always one of my strongest qualities, however when I get out of my own skin and try something new, I usually wonder what I was whining about in the first place. At the same time I love discovering new and cool things to do in L.A., even if it involves working out. I must be evolving?!

Let’s just say I am not the strongest yoga player on the team and I have taken only a handful of classes in my life. However, I do regularly workout to a yoga video with my wife on our Amazon Prime with Bob Harper from America’s Biggest Loser fame. The workouts videos are fast and decently easy to do for this aging dude who was once upon a time an average athlete.

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Honeymoon in Paris: A Photo Journey Through the Streets of Paris

By Jeff Game

Travel to Paris with myself, and my new bride in a three part series of articles on one of the most romantic cities in the world, as we rented an apartment in the Le Maris for ten days on our honeymoon in Paris.Honeymoon in Paris

Paris is truly the most unique city in the world, it is the launching point to so many things we do or eat or even talk about all over the world.

Honeymoon in Paris

When you are walking the streets of Paris you cannot only see the history of the city, you can smell and taste the diversity, the richness and the culinary history that some of the finest chefs have created in this city. French food that have shaped so much of how we eat in many cultures around the world can be traced back to Paris.

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Honeymoon in Paris: Baguette’s, Walks in the Rain and Jim Morrison

By Jeff GameHoneymoon in Paris

Travel to Paris with myself, and my new bride in a three part series of articles on one of the most romantic cities in the world, as we honeymoon in Paris.

Honeymoon in Paris


Renting an Apartment

You descend the one flight of the creaky, wooden staircase, past the clanging bottles of the bar below and out into damp streets to walk a block for a jambon et fromage (ham & cheese sandwich) for breakfast. The smells of roasted coffee, freshly baked croissants and the morning rain dominate the air. All around you hear the hustle and bustle of a typical Parisian morning and languages that are foreign to your tongue. Renting an apartment in Paris on a vacation is a great way to submerse yourself into the culture and discover another world off the beaten path of Paris.

Honeymoon in Paris


My wife and I like to say, do things in a different way, and that included taking our honeymoon a couple weeks before our actual wedding. Either way, we still had an amazing honeymoon in Paris and what cooler way to do that than to rent a cozy apartment in Paris.



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