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Best Travel Blogs Right Now

By Jeff Game

Best Travel Blogs

Along with writing several articles in a week for my blog, I also try to keep up with other writers and bloggers. I love to see where they are traveling, checking out new travel tips and seeing what is new in the world of travel. I totally get how it may be hard to sift through the many thousands of travel blogs on the worldwide interweb to find the perfect information you are looking for while planning your trip. Here is my mixed tape of the best travel blogs that I have been reading lately.

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Rear View Mirror – Exploring Berlin’s Kreuzberg Neighbourhood

Best Travel Blogs

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With the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall and the world we knew changing in front of our eyes, Berlin can sometimes still be a mysterious and uncharted territory for us westerners. I love reading blogs that explore a deeper layer to a diverse and complicated city like Berlin. Rear View Mirror does a great job in telling a personal story through each trip and brings the reader into the journey.

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Be My Travel Muse – 10 Ways Traveling Will Change you

When I am traveling or even home in Los Angeles, I love finding places to see, eat and experience off the beaten path. This phrase is slung around the blogosphere a million times and is open to a lot of interpretation. Be My Travel Muse gives her readers a real human touch when writing and exploring places off the beaten path and helps us understand there is so much more to discover in any place we travel, including inside our own self.

Best Travel Blogs

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My Tan Feet – Kenting National Park Taiwan

You cannot describe My Tan Feet much better than they do on their website by telling us, “One couple taking their tan feet around the world.” Whether you are reading their articles or watching the informative and fun travel videos, you can feel the warmth and freshness they are bringing to the world of travel blogging. Check out this road trip through the streets of Taiwan video, and you will soon see what I am talking about.

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A Brit & A Southerner – St. Andrews Experience the Home of Golf

Best Travel Blogs

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Outside of miniature golf and as much as, I dig many types of sport, I am not at all a golf fan and have never played one round in my life. However, I am a huge fan of Scotland and I can even be caught watching the Open Championship (the British Open in my heart) to check out the great views in the U.K. All golfing aside, St. Andrews is one place I have on my list to travel one day.


My wife and I are both writers and love seeing another couple explore places that we may have seen on TV, to give us a new perspective on what to do in such a town as St. Andrews. The blogging team of A Brit & A Southerner are pros at discovering what is on the surface of the city, what to check out and what you can leave off the tourist list.

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Love Happy Hour – Fall in Pearis Cocktail

Who does not love a great happy hour and finding the best happy hour in your neck of the woods? Love Happy Hour extensively investigates and explores the art of discovering a great happy hour and also teaches her followers the joy of making their own libations.

I love Paris in the fall, and now I am hooked on this fall in pears cocktail recipe.

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