Jeff Game

Amongst the Waves: Historic High Surf Hits Long Beach

By Jeff Game

Historic high surf in Long Beach

Surfing the historic high surf in Long Beach with a great backdrop of the Queen Mary.

The end of the summer in Southern California brought historic high surf to the shores of Long Beach – historic high surf that even many local surfers have never seen in their lifetime. These mondo waves also brought extremely strong rip currents that can make body surfing pretty treacherous, even for the best swimmers. I grabbed my camera to be amongst the waves as historic high surf hit Long Beach.

Historic high surf in Long Beach

Surfers hitting the high surf in Long Beach, a rare scene in the usually calmer waters of Los Angeles Harbor.

Now, places like Malibu or Newport Beach get a lot of news coverage for their big waves, however with so many storms churning in Mexico this summer, even the usually mellow shores of Long Beach were pounded by the increasing and rare historic high surf. “I will bet there are guys that have been surfing locally for twenty plus years that have never seen this kind of surf, at this beach in Long Beach,” so says resident and local surfer Roger Rios.

Historic high surf in Long Beach

Beachgoers marveled at the high surf hitting the shores of Long Beach.

As a result, high surf will usually bring out some brave surfers, however you do not always see a surfer hanging ten in Los Angeles Harbor – with the Queen Mary as a backdrop no less.



Historic high surf in Long Beach

Social Media was a buzz in Long Beach with the high surf.








I usually try and have my camera ready and near me, so when I was working at my desk on an article and the high tide was at it’s peak one summer morning, I took a break and hit the surf to catch a few shots of the many beachgoers checking out what you do not always see, historic high surf in Long Beach.

Historic high surf in Long Beach

You can almost hear the Pearl Jam song “Amongst the Waves,” as this dude frolicked in the high surf.

Long Beach is an awesome place to live and until recently I called it home for almost sixteen years. With so many great sights to see, restaurants to eat at, diverse culture and so much to experience in Long Beach, so it is even cooler when Mother Nature decides to put on a show in your own backyard.

Music Feeds the Soul

I love playlists when I travel and music that reminds me of places that I have traveled too. My top 5 songs about hitting the waves in Long Beach:

Amongst the Waves – Pearl Jam

  • Charlie Don’t Surf – The Clash
  • Warmth of the Sun – The Beach Boys
  • Bubble Toes – Jack Johnson
  • Beautiful Day – Joshua Radin