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Here’s Jeff

Rocky Mountaineer Train

Rocky Mountaineer Train

Who grows up in Huntington Beach, California, the surfing capital of California, and doesn’t surf? I do- that’s me!

Instead of surfing, I was always on the hunt for something unique and different from what everyone else was doing. That’s the same philosophy I now have with my travel writing. You can do what everyone else is doing, or you can step outside of the box…and travel down your own path.

My name is Jeff Game, a travel and music journalist, media content and blogger from Los Angeles. I am a contributing writer for such publications as the Matador Network, Journey Magazine, AXS.com, Nashville Scene, Long Beach Post, Huffington Post, Southern California Life Magazine and Examiner.com. Check out my Contently page for the most updated articles.

I am always on the hunt for a new story to tell through a unique angle and maybe find something off the beaten path. The coolest part about traveling to me is that you can go to any place in the world and find hidden gems, even if you don’t leave the city that you live in. L.A. is full of gems that I am still discovering every day, and I’ve lived here my whole life.  I’m one of those Instagrammers, check out me pics @thetravelinggame.

That’s how I travel offbeat.

Me in Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

The Traveling Game 

Besides writing and traveling, one of my favorite aspects of my job as a travel writer is to research my next trip, find an awesome place I have never even heard of in the world or discover a great place I have never eaten at in my own neck of the woods. Much of the research I do for my job does not always make it into my published articles, so that’s where my blog comes in, to give cool readers like you some behind the scenes action and insights.

Check out three areas I love to write about:

Off the Beaten Path: Where I will show some of my favorite discoveries and hidden gems.

B-Roll: I will give you a chance to peek behind the curtain of my interviews, research and all the stuff left on my editors’ cutting room floor.

In the Life of a Travel Writer: Look through the lens of my life to discover what I see and experience every day as a travel writer.

Christmas in Stockholm

Christmas in Stockholm

Traveling Man

In some of my travels, I have taken a solo pub crawl through Ireland, braved a wacky carriage ride through the streets of Memphis, flew for the night to San Francisco for the most sublime Chinese food in the world, scaled the roofs of Stockholm, stood in line – not for a concert, but for the best ice cream anyone can stand in line for in Nashville, tasted monkey (not by my choice) in the jungles of Mexico, viewed the famous “Scream” painting in Oslo (much better than the Mona Lisa), plunged into one of the craziest indoor water amusement parks ever in the heart of Japan, toured the best ballpark foods on the west coast of California, experienced Hawaii from an aircraft carrier and ate one amazing cheeseburger on the streets of Paris…in the rain no less.

I have seen a lot of the world and still have a huge list of places I want to travel and experience – come on the journey with me.